ohio newborn photographer: maksim

How adorable is this sweet little fella!?  Mister Maksim was only 16 days new when I got to snuggle him and capture all of his cuteness!  He was a perfect angle during his session; and I was so happy that he was the first of many newborns this year.  Enjoy all of the sweetness that Maksim brings! <3

Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (18)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (19)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (17)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (2)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (1)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (11)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (12)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (13)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (4)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (3)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (5)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (6)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (7)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (10)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (9)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (8)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (16)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (14)Jessicaashleyphotographynewborn (15)

Happy Monday!

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