ireland destination wedding phootgrapher: justin + anna

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Happy Friday!

Location: Castletownroche Co.Cork Republic of Ireland
Venue: Blackwater Castle
Flowers: Park West Flowers
Catering: Truly Scrumptious Catering 
Hair & Makeup: Lindsey Adkins
Brides Dress: Nicole Miller
Brides lace coverup: Vintage bought & found at Dayton Clash
Brides Shoes: Nine West
Grooms Suit: J. Ferrar
Grooms Tie, Tie Bar, Shoe Laces & Pocket Square: The Tie Bar
Grooms Shoes: Aston Grey
Rings: Independent artists on Etsy

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  • Brian Trhlin05/12/2015 - 1:58 am

    I’m able to re-live through Jessica’s beautiful photography a truly once in an (old Guy’s) lifetime family event. (Now that I think of it, believe the much younger newlyweds are intent on keeping it that way as well!)

    Thank you for capturing the beauty of the Emerald Isle and the obvious love between two kindered souls.

    Da oft da Groom (Yes I know terrible attempt at a phonetic Irish accent!)ReplyCancel

  • Patrick21/12/2015 - 7:51 am

    Hi Guys, I am well impressed, each and every photo looks greatly composed and one could also think that this would have been a themed fashion shoot. Brilliant work!
    Many greetings from the Castle, have a nice Christmas and a fantastic New Year!